Example Applications

We manufacture high value composite products for a range of industry sectors. We are trusted by notable global customers.


  • STARStreak Lightweight Composite Launch Canisters and Optical Housings for Thales

    Thales' STARStreak is the fastest short-range surface-to-air system in existence.

  • Project Tucana (Consortium, led by Jaguar Land Rover)

    Multi award-winning composite skeletal approach for future electric vehicles.

  • CF-PEEK Panels for an Aerospace Tier 1

    Inclusion and design freedom of ribs. Localised reinforcement to enhance fastener bearing. Design freedom to target isolated structural load case.

  • A CCP Gransden employee is strapped-in above the Seagen tidal generator in Strangford Lough

    SeaGen Tidal Turbine Repairs

    SeaGen was the world's first large scale commercial tidal stream generator.

  • Luxury Cruise Ship Interiors

    Bespoke composite designs manufactured for yachts, movie-sets, and more.

  • Child Aircraft Seats for an Aerospace Tier 1

    Aircraft interior solution to full aerospace standards of approval.

  • Pharmaceutical Rotary Drum Filter

    Full manufacture of the world's largest known GRP drum filter. 50m2 surface area.

  • Composite Blastwall for Tecdur

    Protecting countless high-security buildings worldwide, including events such as the London Olympics and the 39th G8 Summit.

  • Carbon Fibre Spaceframes

    Lightweight, stiff, high-performance spaceframes made from filament wound tubes and 3D printed joints.

  • Part formed by HPRTM (High Pressure Resin Transfer Moulding)

    Enhanced Protection Covers

    Extremely durable and lightweight, with fast processing. Produced via HPRTM.

  • Next-gen Hydrogen Pressure Vessels

    Several R&D projects currently underway with industry-leading partners and research institutions. To be updated soon → Stay posted...


Composites are used everywhere.

Our know-how is transferable between industry sectors.

If you have a specific need please get in touch.

Some more examples we have expertise with include;

  • High pressure vessels; suitable for hydrogen fuel tanks, rocket propulsion systems, and gas storage
  • Renewables
  • Radomes
  • Marine antennas
  • Railway / Road infrastructure
  • High value sporting equipment
  • Artistic / Film / Movie / Theme park sets
  • Fire Smoke Toxicity (FST) and OSU heat release composites
  • SMC / BMC automotive parts
  • PEEK / PPS / PEI aerospace parts
  • Natural-fibre aesthetic panels
  • Sustainable composites
  • Large scale GRP fabrication / repairs; ships, tanks, and more

  • CCP Gransden ensures a high-degree of confidentiality for exclusive projects.

  • For most core projects a formal non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed with the client.

  • It is hoped the succinct examples approved for publication on this webpage provide a flavour of what CCP Gransden currently delivers.

Do you have a composites project you'd like to explore with us?