Recruitment Update


CCP Gransden currently have several vacancies. Positions are advertised here and are commonly also featured on sites such as; NI jobfinder, NI jobs, and Indeed.

Please explore and connect with one of our social media pages:


CCP Gransden continues to provide placements for students, offering hands-on experience, which can be an important stepping stone for a successful engineering career. Contact us here.

Why CCP Gransden?

CCP Gransden has been in business since 1894 (over 125 years), evolving from a shipbuilding and repair company into a developer and manufacturer of advanced composites across high-value manufacturing sectors such as aerospace, transportation, security, and defence. 

CCP Gransden has a sophisticated aerospace-grade manufacturing facility that can deliver one of the UK’s widest selections of advanced composite manufacturing processes in-house.

Substantial in-house capability is further enhanced with an experienced and skilled team, ensuring CCP Gransden can reliably support a wide variety of exclusive projects. 

This expertise in the growing field of advanced composites combined with a proven track record has gained CCP Gransden a respected market position.

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