Filament Winding Heritage

CCP Gransden’s filament winding capability is one of the most advanced in the U.K.

CCP Gransden has evolved from carrying out repair work in Belfast's shipyards (since 1894), to delivering advanced composites’ performance improvements for a wide range of notable clients all over the world.

Substantial in-house capability is combined with experienced operators and a skilled engineering team to support exclusive projects right through from concept to commercialisation.

One of CCP Gransden’s core manufacturing capabilities is FILAMENT WINDING:

  • Wet-winding and towpreg process available
  • Part size up to 4m length and 1m diameter (with potential to be expanded)
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical cross-section achievable
  • Linear and non-linear sweeps achievable
  • Varying cross-section achievable
  • Full control over part wall thickness and fibre angles (including unidirectional in the load axis)
  • Extremely light, stiff components/assemblies
  • Low cycle times achievable
  • Multiple material configurations achievable
  • Supports metallic or composite insert joints, adhesive bonding or metallic fasteners
  • Can produce rocket motor casings, fuel systems, rotors, and propeller blades.
  • Can produce Type 3, type 4, and type 5 filament wound high-pressure vessels, for applications such as high-pressure hydrogen fuel tanks, rocket-propulsion systems, and gas storage.

CCP Gransden has a wealth of experience. In fact, the company has been filament winding for many years as you can see in the video below:

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