CCP Gransden Awarded Platinum Level Innovator Status

Innovate NI, on behalf of the Department for the Economy, have recognised CCP Gransden as a Platinum Level Innovator.

Innovate NI delivers the Innovation Accreditation Programme which aims to increase the number of local businesses innovating successfully. The Platinum Level Innovator Status is the highest level awarded through the Innovation Accreditation Programme.

Innovate NI states that “businesses must innovate to adapt, survive, and thrive in a competitive market place. Innovation has become a basic survival skill for all businesses. Products become outdated, customer preferences change and the global market place is now available at the touch of a button.”

The Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland seeks to promote business growth by building on Northern Ireland's proud history of innovation. With historic inventions ranging from chocolate milk to the pneumatic tyre, the ejector seat to the portable defibrillator.

CCP Gransden has a long record of continuous innovation across its 125+ year history. To name one example, the firm's founder A.W. Hamilton designed his own more-efficient ‘Feed Water Heating System’ [manual pictured] which was installed on many ships which were built and serviced in Belfast in the early 1900’s.

Keeping innovation at the core of the business has ensured the firm has adapted to stay abreast of market changes.

CCP Gransden was one of the earliest companies to enter the advanced composites field as it first developed. Investment has been made in sophisticated machinery and developing a skilled team, with proven experience. Involvement in several major projects and collaboration with key experts in the field ensure CCP Gransden is fervently innovating for the future.

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