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At CCP Gransden our in-house capability with a wide selection of advanced composites processes allows us to find the optimum solutions for clients’ problems. For several of our customers environmental sustainability is a growing priority.


There are a range of ways composites deliver sustainable solutions -to list a few;
• Light-weighting to reduce emissions.
• Part reduction.
• Performance improvements in products such as renewable energy generation.
• Increased working lifespan of products through corrosion resistance and durability.


Additionally, end-of-life reusability, recyclability, and waste-saving manufacturing options are each increasingly beneficial for our customers and the environment.


Furthermore, another important key element to consider is the raw material used to begin with. In several projects we have developed experience working with an interesting range of natural fibres and bio-based resins. We were able to locally source most of these materials. Moving forwards, we’re watching market developments and keeping ahead of the curve as this latest section of our industry grows.


We are confident our composites capabilities can deliver sustainable performance improvements for your products.

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