CCP Gransden Upgrade Waterjet Cutter

CCP Gransden Upgrade Waterjet Cutter - News from CCP Gransden

Did you know, CCP Gransden offer Waterjet cutting services. We operate a market leading FLOW Waterjet Cutter Mach 3 4020b in our Aerospace controlled Facility. Vast range of material can be cut including; Titanium, Steel, Carbon Fibre, Ceramics, -even Bulletproof Glass.

Why choose CCP Gransden?

  • Easily accessible location, close to Belfast (BT23 6JE)
  • Large 4 metre by 2 metre size
  • Dynamic Waterjet; Flow's patented technology to remove taper, improve accuracy and decrease part cycle time over a standard waterjet.
  • Unique specialist head attachment for cutting Advanced Composites
  • Nesting software for maximum material efficiency
  • Our experienced engineering team can use customer CAD, or can generate the cutting profiles from nascent requirements

We are confident our manufacturing and materials knowledge can support the development of your desired design.

Interested? Get in touch: Email with the subject 'Waterjet Cutting' or call +44 (0)28 9752 8501

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