JEC Paris 2022

Nine members of our team visited JEC in Paris last week.


JEC Paris is the one of the World’s biggest composites shows. This year the main buzzword of the show was sustainability, something which CCP Gransden has been putting a lot of additional work into recently across several projects -and which we look forward to promoting further soon.


Over the three days at the show our team benefitted from networking, expert presentations, and market research. CCP Gransden’s attendees successfully used the show as an opportunity to think dynamically about how CCP Gransden can continue to grow and offer the most competitive services.


All our members were provided VIP passes and encouraged to deep-dive in learning about any new advances in our industry, exploring opportunities to enhance the solutions we deliver to our customers.


CCP Gransden was well represented, collecting the prestigious JEC Innovation award for Project Tucana with Jaguar Land Rover and other consortium members. Additionally, we displayed one of our parts on the JEC Innovation Planet alongside other visionary composites designs produced further afield.


Our team left the show feeling confident that despite CCP Gransden’s smaller size, our production  can be more rapid, more dynamic, and more competitive in delivering innovative scalable solutions versus much larger global corporations.


Importantly, our team met with our great industry contacts, developing our relationships with our suppliers and some of our customers. Thank you to everyone who took the time to speak with us. To anyone whom we were unable to speak with please get in touch and let’s arrange a meeting. For new enquiries please email or call +44 (0)28 9752 8501


We look forward to next year’s show.

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