Thermoset Composites

  • In-press manufacture of Advanced Composite components including SMC, HPRTM, and snap cure prepreg processes
  • Out of Autoclave manufacturing processes
  • Hand fabrication of complex, bespoke structures
  • In-house design and manufacture of composite tooling

Continuous Fibre Thermoplastic Composites

  • Press-forming of high performance, pre-consolidated laminates including PEEK, PPS, PEI & Polyamide
  • Highly automated with fast cycle times, suitable for high volume production; c100,000 parts per year
  • Single Stage Over-moulding: Combining injection moulding with continuous fibre composites in a single process
  • Integrated features resulting in part count reduction, cost efficiencies, and structural optimisation

Advanced High Volume Manufacturing Cell

  • Fully automated cell with press for high volume production of advanced composite components
  • Rapid tool changing
  • Industry 4.0 compatible, enabling a multitude of manufacturing parameters to be monitored and recorded for full component traceability

Robotic 7-axis Filament Winding

  • Dynamic 7-axis robotic filament winder with integrated programming software
  • Suitable for structural tubes, high pressure vessels, and non-circular complex geometries
  • Applications include; Rocket motor casings, fuel systems, and propeller blades

Supporting In-House Capability

  • Our manufacturing facility includes a range of in-house complimentary processes
  • Zund fabric cutter
  • Belotti 5 axis CNC
  • Flow waterjet cutter
  • Paint line
  • High tolerance assembly
  • Roamer Arm Inspection
  • Engineering and project management using the 3D-Experience platform (CATIA V6) with process simulation.
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