Concept to Commercialisation

Our early involvement can support increased component efficiency, weight reduction, parts count reduction, cycle time reduction, and cost reduction. CCP Gransden works closely with all our clients to offer guidance and support with material and process selection. 

To ensure that our client's individual needs and goals are achieved, we work with our customers to select the most appropriate composite manufacturing process. Because CCP Gransden has one of the UK’s largest selections of advanced composite manufacturing processes available at our facility, we are seen as a key partner by global material suppliers. This partnership enables CCP Gransden to have access to new and prototype materials before they are available on the market. It also allows us access to additional technical support from material suppliers when working on client solutions.

CCP Gransden has the in-house capability to complete projects in any stage; from the design and manufacture of tooling for prototype component manufacture, right through to optimising TAKT times for high-volume production. Championing our dynamic capacity allows us to deliver solutions to a wide array of specialist projects. All of these projects are driven forward by our reliable and committed operations team who have a demonstrated history of high-quality workmanship.

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